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The Time is Changing – Period 9 is here

Originating in ancient China, Feng Shui delves into how the movement of planets and stars influences our energies. The “Three Cycles and Nine Periods” in classical Feng Shui cover 180 years, with three cycles, each having three periods. These 20-year periods are calculated using the 9-grid Flying Stars diagram.

Feng Shui highlights the significance of time, and currently, we’re transitioning from period 8 to period 9. We’re facing a time of change and uncertainty, but within these challenges, opportunities for innovation emerge. Period 9, the upcoming phase, holds significant opportunities. To harness its potential, review and adjust your Feng Shui arrangement, recognizing that what worked before might need tweaking.

Temporal Feng Shui provides a chance to build a solid foundation. Overcoming challenges with Feng Shui can enhance wealth in various life areas.

As we move through this transition into a new era, reflect on how your space can offer support. Preparing for this shift is essential, and my tips are here to help you make the most of Feng Shui.