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About Me

Discover through the Art of Feng Shui

My foray into the world of Classic Feng Shui wasn’t a result of textbooks or formal training but a quest for comfort within the walls of my own home. In this self-discovery, I found not only a better living space but also unraveled passion.

Ami Teckie
Classic Feng Shui Consultant

I proudly serve as a guide, bringing the wisdom of Feng Shui to the contemporary settings of Europe and the Emirates.

My expertise lies in optimizing homes, and offices, Refurbishing or building from scratch, and providing invaluable insights into their arrangement and design.

It’s not just about planning layouts; it’s about understanding the energy flow and creating environments that resonate with optimism.

The holistic impact of Classic Feng Shui, under my careful guidance, is a testament to the enduring relevance of ancient practices in our contemporary world.



01. School of San He

San He Feng Shui systems focus on the combination of direction, entrance, surroundings, and landscape. The San He distributes trigrams based on the Yin-Yang balance and more.

02. Form School

Traditional Form School Feng Shui involves analyzing both natural and urban areas, including the interior of your home, the orientation and layout of your property.

03. Ba Zhai Method

Ba Zhai also known as the 8-house system identifies individual positive cardinal points and sectors for occupants. The 24 cardinal points are crucial in evaluating Feng Shui.

04. Flying Star System

The Flying Star System evaluates invisible energy flow in a house. It is associated with direction, and some of these energies are permanent and some are temporary. Practitioners use various formulas to calculate the positions of the stars and their interactions with the environment.

….and more


Apprenticed by Grandmaster Petra Coll Exposito of the Institute of Excellence Berlin (Germany), who was a student of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai and Mimi Moorhouse of International School of Metaphysics and Dr. Alejandro Penatro Sanchez from Daomac Institute of Taiwan as well studies by Dr. Jin Peh.


What clients say

I am thrilled to have discovered Ami’s Feng Shui for the work done on my apartment, particularly my bedroom. Since implementing the changes, I have been able to sleep through the night and have experienced a significant boost in my productivity simply by adjusting my working position in the room. Thank you so much!

Karina Sukatschew


Working with Amis Feng Shui was a transformative experience! Their expertise and insights brought positive energy into my home and life. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in various aspects. Amis truly has a gift for creating balance through Feng Shui.



I can’t thank Amis Feng Shui enough for the changes they’ve brought into my space. Their attention to detail and personalized approach made all the difference. My home feels better now, and I’ve seen improvements in my overall well-being. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a positive shift in their environment.

Ariya Sharma


My home feels more balanced and serene after implementing her Feng Shui recommendations. The personalized approach and attention to detail set Amis apart. Thank you for bringing positive energy and balance into my life!



Amis Feng Shui Consultant Services exceeded our expectations in every way. The consultant demonstrated a deep understanding of Feng Shui principles and customized their recommendations to suit our specific needs. Our home now radiates a sense of tranquility and positive energy, and we are grateful for the expertise and professionalism of Amis Feng Shui.

Suzan Nicholas


I was initially skeptical about the impact of Feng Shui on my life, but Amis Feng Shui Consultant Services proved me wrong. Their consultant not only provided a comprehensive analysis of my living space but also offered practical and achievable solutions. Thank you, Amis, for your excellent service!



Our team has experienced improved focus, productivity, and collaboration since implementing the recommended changes. We highly recommend Amis for professional Feng Shui consultations.



I am truly grateful for the guidance and expertise provided by Amis Feng Shui Consultant Services. The consultant not only transformed our home but also helped us create a nurturing environment for our family. The personalized recommendations were easy to implement, and the positive energy shift was palpable. I highly recommend Amis for anyone seeking positive changes in their living space and life.



She makes it personal. Her attention to detail and understanding of my lifestyle made the consultation truly meaningful. The changes she suggested were practical and resonated with me on a deep level. Since implementing her recommendations, I’ve felt a positive shift not only in my home but also in my well-being. Amis brings a warmth and sincerity to her work that sets her apart. I’m grateful for the positive changes she has brought into my life.

Ruwaydah Rahaf Haik


Amis transformed my skepticism about feng shui into a deep appreciation for its impact. Her ability to simplify complex principles and make them relatable to my personal preferences was truly impressive. Amis guided me through the process with patience and expertise, and the results speak for themselves. My home feels more inviting and harmonious, thanks to her thoughtful recommendations. Amis is that trusted guide whom I would recommend to anyone interested in their energy flow.

Lisa Krueger


Through my partnership with the gifted Ami for over three years, I have witnessed it can be woven into our homes, workplaces, and personal lives. By embracing the foundational principles of Feng Shui, one can unravel the magic hidden within.

Fifi Durelle Julian

The Visionary behind Durelle Design

We are so glad we asked you to come to our home and consult us. Since we have implemented your advice, we feel better and more energetic. We will always be grateful and when we move, you will be our first call to check the energy.

Oliver & Family


I am very thankful for Ami’s advice; she was very lovely to work with and incredibly supportive. I would highly recommend her consultation. She also taught me some Feng Shui principles that will be with me for a lifetime.



Ami’s advice was invaluable; she was delightful to work with and extremely supportive. I wholeheartedly recommend her consultation. Additionally, her teachings on Feng Shui will stay with me for a lifetime.