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VIVOBASE GmbH specializes in therapeutic devices that counteract the negative effects of electromagnetic smog on the human body. Their pioneering technology, inspired by the natural world, polarizes water molecules in the skin, mitigating the harmful effects of electromagnetic smog and preserving well-being. In essence, VIVOBASE’s products provide a specific field that mirrors the natural environment and nurtures the body’s delicate balance..

In contrast to traditional electromagnetic fields, VIVOBASE GmbH products generate a unique, non-moving field that mimics nature, preserving the natural metabolic processes of cells. These devices counteract the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation like inducing oxidative stress or weakness.

Frequency Impact:

Low, Very Low, and Extremely Low frequencies have discernible effects on the body, with an emphasis on the speed of pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) rather than power. Safety standards often focus on smartphones, neglecting the cumulative impact of all EMF sources.

Holistic Recovery Approach:

VIVOBASE’s mechanism involves more than just blocking EMFs; it fosters a natural recovery environment. This includes supporting the vegetative nervous system and influencing water molecules’ polarization, reinforcing the body’s ability to naturally recover from EMF exposure.

Preventive Measures:

Recognizing the link between EMFs and free radical production, VIVOBASE provides a preventive measure against potential health issues associated with EMF exposure. It offers an overall approach to mitigating the adverse effects of EMFs on the body.

Secure your home from detrimental electro smog by joining forces with Amis Fengshui, now in collaboration with VIVOBASE GmbH. Transform your living space into a toxic-free environment.

For inquiries about products designed to shield against electro smog, do not hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable and approachable team!

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