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What is Feng Shui?

For over two millennia, the Chinese have delved into the interplay between Earth and human life, leading to the development of Feng Shui. This enduring practice aims to create harmony between our living spaces and the natural world, aligning energy and deepening our bond with our environment. By molding our surroundings to match nature’s rhythms, we can create tranquil retreats that resonate with us. Ultimately, Feng Shui serves as a pathway to a profound connection with ourselves and the world around us.

Recognizing the array of Feng Shui schools and interpretations is vital, as modern approaches may diverge from traditional methods.

Positive Living & Working Space
01. Authentic FENG SHUI

utilizes profound insights beyond the visual and goes far beyond the conscious levels. Feng Shui is universal wisdom that affects an individual’s health, relationships, and career.

02. Classic FENG SHUI
is the holistic view of recognizing the powerful energy of our living environment and including it in planning the building space and the use of space for our well-being.  

How does Feng Shui work?


Harmonious blend of grounding
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Energy of warmth, activity and passion
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The calming element for home and office
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Balance is
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The calming element for home and office
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The founder

About me

I’m Ami, your certified Classic Feng Shui consultant in the UAE. In the bustling world of modernity, where stress and chaos often dominate our living and working spaces, I’m armed for a positive change with the ancient wisdom of Classic Feng Shui.



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Furniture according to Feng Shui principles


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