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Kids Bedroom

Feng Shui sees children’s rooms as spaces that need designing to consider how kids react to their surroundings. Where you put the furniture is important.

If not in the right spots, your child might have trouble focusing, feel nervous, get aggressive, restless, withdrawn, or have sleep issues. Feng Shui can step in to help this by adjusting the energy in the room.

But what should you consider when setting up a children’s room according to Feng Shui? In this article, I will give you useful and, above all, quick and easy tips for implementation.

•  Ensure enough space for your child to move around in their room. A tidy and clean room creates a pleasant atmosphere, so encourage your child to clean up and set a good example.

• Minimize electronic devices in the room, turning them off completely at night.

• Create different zones for play, reading, and work. Remove broken toys and add imaginative decorations like wall art or inspirational quotes.

• Provide storage space for toys and books with open shelves or boxes. Choose child-friendly floor coverings like soft carpets or play mats. 

• Involve your child in designing their room to foster a sense of ownership.