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Our Services

My purpose is to create a neutralize environment for you, whether in your current or future premise. Analysis of your space and consultation will be on the basis of measurement and inspection.
All spatial concepts will be based on the results of the analysis.

I specialize in measuring, analyzing and realigning, in the following spaces.

Villa & Apartment

The home is where individuals typically spend most of their time, making it the environment with the most significant impact on their well-being. While many are not consciously aware of the effect their surroundings can have, they can impact a person positively or negatively, often unconsciously.

It’s essential to consider all aspects of your living space, from the entrance, kitchen, bedroom, and kids’ room to the living area, as each area has a unique influence on individuals. Since each family member interacts with space differently, it’s crucial to measure the impact of the environment on each family member individually.

Building Plan

A building’s energy is strongly affected by its location, influenced by factors like terrain, building placement, and shape. Additionally, design, orientation, and interior layout also play a role.

For optimal energy, consider consulting a Feng Shui expert early in the land acquisition process to create a blueprint that aligns with your needs.

Accurate measurements are essential for creating an ideal space, considering its intended use and the people who will be using it.

Feng Shui Furniture

Strategically arranging furniture, selecting appropriate colors, and incorporating personal touches can enhance energy flow and establish a better environment. 

By following feng shui principles such as integrating natural elements and placing the bed or desk in the “command position,” we can create a nurturing atmosphere that promotes a sense of belonging and well-being.

For further insights, please refer to our blog posts.


Each home has a distinctive frequency pattern, cultivated through its construction and renovation history. These patterns are influenced by various factors, such as the house’s design and its surrounding environment, resulting in distinct vibration qualities.

By transforming your home into a beacon of positive energy, you can renew the space’s energy and realign it. Remember, every building carries energy, which provides an opportunity to maximize the prosperity pathways that have not been activated before.


Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are ever-present in our daily lives in various forms. To evaluate the level of EMF pollution within your home, an Electromagnetic Field inspection can be conducted.

After the inspection, I can offer recommendations on how to safely use technology and suggest shielding methods to shield your home from external EMF sources.

For additional information, please refer to our blogs.

Personalized calendar

Wonder why some days go smoother than others? Need a tool to enhance your journey? Discover how your own elements, impact your energy and personal characteristics. Do your clothes color nurture your energy?

In Feng Shui, various factors contribute to determining your personal environment.

On the contrary with the personal calendar system called the “Ba Zi” or “Four Pillars of Destiny,” which is based on your birth date and time. The personal calendar consists of four pillars representing the year, month, day, and hour of your birth. Each pillar is associated with one of the five elements.

This system uses the Chinese lunar calendar to analyze of your daily life.

Such as your personal calculated your element, your nurturing colors, your auspicious days or your best romance time.

Your element is determined by the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water. Your element influences various aspects of your life.

Contact us for customized  advice on auspicious days, your personalized calculated elements, and colors.


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Five Elements

The Chinese philosophy sees five building blocks of the universe, known as – the Five Transformations of Energy. Each element – fire, earth, metal, water and wood are a different phases of energy. A disruption in the smooth transformation of yin and yang, can result in disharmony. These energies will be analyzed, then activated, directed or weakened in order to create a harmonious atmosphere.