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About Feng Shui

Sometimes we all need reminders

that our Sense of Home is in our own Hands

Have you ever felt something is off in your home but can’t put your finger on it?
This could be a sign that the quality of your house’s energy has been compromised, and it’s time to act.

Classical Feng Shui is a science-inspired practice, which enhances the potential of your space. Aligning with an individual’s unique energy promotes emotional and physical well-being. It considers various factors like time, direction, and structure to calculate the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of the environment.

Each space has a unique impact on people, and Feng Shui helps bring the right direction personalized for each person’s needs. It involves many levels and aspects, beyond visible elements like color and furnishings, Feng Shui taps into invisible qualities, that leave an invisible mark if used correctly.

Feng Shui can positively impact a person’s overall well-being in living and business environments, but misinformation can be found online.

Harmonizing Energies

By increasing and harmonizing the energetic vibrations in our rooms, a balance is created, enriched with new life energy. When this is achieved, we feel comfortable in our space.

Feng Shui works similarly to acupuncture; instead of needles, furniture, elements, and alignments are used to achieve positive effects.

Benefit from life with harmony, success and high quality of life.  

For centuries, the rich and powerful kept knowledge of Feng Shui a forbidden secret to be shared.


Five Elements

The Chinese philosophy sees five building blocks of the universe, known as – the Five Transformations of Energy. Each element – fire, earth, metal, water and wood are a different phases of energy. A disruption in the smooth transformation of yin and yang, can result in disharmony. These energies will be analyzed, then activated, directed or weakened in order to create a good atmosphere.


The Luopan

is used by Feng Shui consultants to guide the optimization of energy in a given environment.

To explore Feng Shui, you need a Luopan compass to find cardinal directions. The Luopan is a traditional Chinese tool with symbols related to the cosmic ordering system. It helps practitioners analyze energy and make adjustments in spaces.

Different directions may exist within areas, depending on the building’s construction and compass reading. Practitioners use the compass to find favorable and unfavorable directions for activities and assess energy flow.

Interpreting the Luopan correctly requires expertise in Feng Shui principles.